Through the Eyes of a Sweets Snacker
Recently in an apothecary: I felt overwhelmed by the huge assortment of hair colouring products. I was trying to decide between “Chestnut” and Nougat Brown”. That’s right - I’m a woman. I chose “Nougat Brown”. What tastes good, should look good on my head. Which it does, by-the-way.

Of course I prefer nougat or chocolate in other forms. You, too ladies? Old cliché or an old truth? Us women love chocolate and refined desserts - just like the ones that are conjured up at REITERS gourmet kitchen. And our relationship to sweets is very deep. Men simply eat Sacher Torte and co. But we like to nibble, reverently enjoying a spoonful of creamy tiramisu; we reward ourselves with crème brûlée with the layer of burnt sugar or comforting ourselves with it. We feel like we are Angelina Jolie, when we’re served a half runny chocolate nougat cake with cinnamon ice cream…

So far, so good. If weren’t the little bitty problem with sugar and fat, which threatens our bikini figures. After all, we want to remain the sweetest temptation, in spite of chocolate. But a love affair with the crepes with wine sorbet á la REITERS can occur at the drop
of a hat.

Thank goodness the dieticians and psychologists have presented, more or less to be taken seriously, studies FOR the ingestion of sweets: foods with cacao increase our happiness and have anti-depressive effects. They are good for the psyche and support wound healing. Sugar has anti-stress and pain reducing effects. And so on…

But let’s tell the truth - do we really need these arguments or excuses in order to enjoy the sweet life?

A spoonful of chocolate mousse, without a thought to the bathroom scales, tastes much better! A holiday at the SUPREMEHOTEL will be even more unforgettable, if we can just look forward to the wonderful dessert buffet! Enjoyment in moderation can hardly damage the figure! We need to spoil ourselves occasionally with pure pleasure, but without the bitter aftertaste!