Comfort, in spite of the stylistic opposition, is the common factor in our different top-restaurants in the SUPREMEHOTEL.
They all show a distinctive signature with contemporary-elegant surfaces and harmonious proportions. Clear lines without silly flourishes convey an urban-stylish flair without a touch of rustic farmhouse décor.

The show kitchen in the trendy-puritan Birdie is a great stage for our cooks and their products. Here the meals are prepared right before your eyes, or are served straight from the pan. You look right into the pan in which, for example, a juicy tuna steak is sizzling. Of course this takes a few minutes, but this only builds up the appetite. This show kitchen flows seamlessly into the corresponding restaurant. A treat for the eye and culinary delights
shake hands.

The transparency of the architecture with the wonderful view of the intact, broad landscape is balsam for the soul, and is reflected in the classical-modern restaurants Panorama
and Wintergarten.

Here you can sit back and enjoy the informed service and give yourself up to dining enjoyment without having to leave the table. You can choose the Birdie with the buffet and show kitchen, or a restaurant with traditional service - it’s up to you.

We have a separate section for the restaurant Traube.