Coffee Culture

Whether it is a small cup, strong and black, or topped with foamy milk. A coffee lover will give up a lot for his ristretto or latte macchiato.

As we all know, coffee is not always the same coffee. Our latte macchiato tastes like sun, beach and sea; our espresso flirts with the Italian national colours; but maybe our melange with its mischievous cap of foamed milk is the best advertisement for the traditional Viennese coffee house culture. These are only three of the coffee specialities that our guests can choose from at the SUPREMEHOTEL. Real coffee lovers are in good hands with us. We place the ritual of coffee drinking as a priority in life.

Is there anything nicer than drinking a cup of coffee while reading something of interest or chatting with a dear friend? Whether it’s a morning wake up drink, a stimulating afternoon impulse, or the completion of a good meal - it’s up to you to choose your favourite coffee from our large assortment of coffee specialities!