Sauna Zone

Finnish Sauna
Dry air and high temperatures are what define the Finnish saunas. With temperatures of 90-100°C (194-212°F); 8 – 12 minutes are enough to activate the healthy effects. The Ying- Yang pools are nearby for cooling down. Afterwards, you can relax in the bright Quiet Zone.

Herbal/Organic Sauna
The 45-60°C (113-140°F) temperatures are easier on the circulation and the 40% humidity create a gentle sauna variation. Essential aromas from real healing herbs, soft music, and a flat screen make sure that all the senses are activated.

Round Sauna
The round sauna is outside in the Ying- Yang area and is the hottest variation for sauna enjoyment. Here you can sweat in 95°C (203°F) and with a humidity of about 8%. It has the light scent of brushed spruce wood, of which the sauna is built.