Sleeping Comfort

Tip for those with allergies: We offer special blankets and pillows. Please inform us with your reservation.

Living and sleeping, it’s advisable to examine the bedroom, bed, and especially the mattress at first. Take a look at the details and don’t be blinded by beautiful colors. Let us begin this analysis in detail with the mattress. This is where one would like to spend at least a third, maybe even half of his vacation. How well we rest depends on it. And of course we don’t forget all the other factors that determine the ambience of a room- set the mood, so to speak.

The aura and comfort would be due, first of all, to the substructure of pine. And then we come to the lower bed, with springs, to ensure comfort. Finally we come to the mattress. Extra wide, extra long, perfect cushioning and shock absorption, soft or firm; you only have to select the right side. It was worth it to invest in them, your good nights’ rest tells it all.

The design of the room is contemporary and timeless.
In this case, the guest will be spoiled with choices. Should one spend time in the Ambience room or choose the stylish Alcove room? However, this is the least of your worries.